• 2020

    2018-2020 now
    In 2018,the company developed Alfa Laval,a global top 500 enterprise,which mainly promotes centrifuge,pump valve and food machinery projects;
    At the end of 2018,the company expanded its production and purchased 16 sets of high-tech equipment,such as wax injection machine,closed high-temperature quenching furnace,X-ray digital imaging system,CNC lathe,CNC machining center,vacuum induction melting furnace,etc.,to improve processing efficiency and precision and meet customer needs;
    In 2019,the company developed the top 5 Cologne companies in the world in instrument category;
    In 2019,the company developed Baode,a leading valve body control company in the industry;
    Since then,the company has stepped into a new stage in the machining industry;
    In 2020,the company's ERP human resource system will be fully launched,opening a new chapter in human resource system management.
  • 2018

    2014-2018 The sixth five years
    In February 2014,the company moved to Yanliang aviation high-tech industrial base for full operation. In April 2016,the company passed bv ISO14001&OHSAS 18001 HSE management system certification.
    In December 2016,the company's ERP system was fully upgraded,and all production parts were swept into the ERP management,and the company entered the digital management period.
    In 2016,it won the e+H""China casting strategic partner""of Switzerland and the e+H excellent supplier.Lay the foundation for the company to further expand its operation.
  • 2013

    2009-2013 The fifth five years
    In October 2008,Xi'an Huanyu Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.officially established Huanyu University.
    In November 2008,the company did not meet the needs of customers in the whole process of casting and machining,and provided the requirements of finished products.The company invested to build a standard 400 square plant,purchased 13 CNC lathes and machining centers,and built an advanced CNC workshop in China.
  • 2008

    2004-2008 The fourth five years
    In April 2004,the company began to carry out morning meeting.
    In May 2005,the company officially launched Kingdee K3 ERP system.
    In April 2006,Xi'an Instrument Factory,Taiwan Shishuo and Huanyu company established the joint venture"Shishuo Technology(Xi'an)Co.,Ltd."
    In August 2006,the company passed ped certification of German TUV company.At the same time,Huanyu people newspaper was founded.
    In October 2006,it was determined as"strategic partner"by Rosemount(Beijing)Co.,Ltd Since 2007,it has been awarded"excellent supplier"by Rosemount company in the United States The company aims to be a world-class supplier.
  • 2003

    1999-2003 The third five years
    In June 2000,the company invested in the construction of a precision casting production line,the main products involve automotive machine blades,industrial instrument castings.
    In September 2001,the company passed the Beijing New Era ISO9001 quality system certification;
    In September 2003,the company established a Sino British joint venture Xi'an wokas Mould Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.Lay the foundation for the development of mold market.
  • 1998

    1994-1998 The second five years
    In 1996,Xi'an Huanyu Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.was established.Since then,it has a simple production plant and office,but still has no master in machining and mold manufacturing.And hired a few old technicians and a group of young employees,formed the company's first staff team.
    In March 1997,China Eastern Airlines acquired 11000 square meters of land and 1000 square meters of factory buildings from the West aviation foundry,and purchased a batch of mold processing equipment,mainly for tooling and mold manufacturing.
    Lay the foundation for the further development of the company.
  • 1993

    1988-1993 The first five years
    In 1989,we purchased a second-hand lathe and rented two houses in Tuanjie village to continue our previous work.
    In 1990,we rented one mu land of Tuanjie village,built five bungalows,and established"Xi'an Weiyang District Tuanjie electromechanical equipment factory".
    In 1991,we purchased milling machine,vertical drilling machine and wire cutting machine,and began to process tooling and mould business.
  • 1988

    1988 Establishment of the company
    In 1988, he rented an old lathe of a labor service company affiliated to Xi'an Post and telecommunications equipment company, and began to process the car riser.

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